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New Tour Concept 2018


Designed to offer the greatest versatile sound and performance capabilities to an event with the easiest installation and ensure hassel free transitions between DJs. This portable and compact setup can be prepared away from the main console and switched over at a moments notice requiring only one cable to integrate into any existing DJing environment. Should the venue offer enough table space, then the flight case can be used on its own. However, the narrow width stand is perfect for venues with space restrictions to still gain a greater access to diverse music technology without the extra necessary in house engineer setup requirements. 

1 x Power Supply Access
1 x Line Input on any available channel on mixer
2 Simple Integration Requirements

Club Setup

DJ Set Features

4 Channel Mixing using Native Instruments Traktor and a highly researched 2 hour performance of new music and original Middleman production 


Live performance production elements using Native Instruments Maschine performed throughout the set providing a more organic and interesting DJ set


Faster and better prepared DJ transitions before and after, with a single cable switch-over on any available club mixer channel


Large effects bank using 3 separate audio processing platforms providing a completely different texture of sound to the end listener


Original Middleman production included 


Access to the Middleman brand and site EPK (including DJ set concept artwork) to assist in flier design. Flier design also possible from artist.


Music Technology Specialist qualification ensures educated understanding of audio signal quality throughout performance


Optimised DJ set using advanced equipment features, gained through using a personal DJ set up.  

"Origin" is the new 2018 performance tour concept by Middleman. This is a 1-2 hour DJ performance featuring original Middleman production (performed live), exclusive remixes, mashups/edits, and a deep selection of finely chosen house music, brought together across 4 channels into a sophisticated performance set. 

The "Origin" tour concept was created with a desire to pay homage to original house grooves at its core, supported by an evolution of tech house and funky house flavours. It's a authentic and original house set that's packed full of feel good vibes. Click the soundbite below for a 20 second preview.

Bookings are now available for weekdays/weekends for February/March/April. For more information or to discuss further, click here

Electronic Press Kit

Request EPK

For access to high resolution photography and artwork please select the Download link below. Folder includes Middleman Logo file and separated logo and background files for the "Origin" Tour concept. 

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